Non-violent communication for mums


So today we’re going to be talking about communication. Such a big topic! And so important to work on because it affects everything — how your kids behave, your relationship with your partner, your friendships, and, very importantly, whether or not you get your needs met as a busy mum!

For so many of us, when we become mums we are so busy looking after our littles that we totally forget, or undervalue, expressing our own needs and caring for ourselves. I know I did! We put our kids first, saying “I’ll be fine. I want to be a good mummy,” and then — surprise surprise — get so exhausted that we end up having a big outburst, screaming and yelling at the kids or our partner and feeling terrible.

Rather than sacrificing your sanity, a part of being a good mummy or daddy means teaching your child how to communicate their needs. How do we do that? Model it our selves. When we communicate calmly, guess what! They will learn how to as well! (Believe me, if you work on calm, good communication when they are little it will pay off massively when you have a house full of teenagers.)


Okay — so there’s a really simple place to start. They are sometimes called “I messages” or “Non-violent communication.” Basically, it’s just an easy-to-try sentence that you can use to communicate your needs calmly and teach to your children. It can feel a bit weird to start with so just hang in there with me, it does get more natural over time.

How it goes:

Start with getting their attention calmly. Sit down somewhere or squat to their height if it’s your child. (Even 3 year olds can understand this if you keep it simple).

Start with what you observed and want to talk about “When I see…” or “When I hear…”

Then name your feelings. (Some people find this really hard — especially children. Naming feelings is a skill that you can learn too. We’ll talk about that another day.)

“I feel… sad/ upset/ hurt/ angry/ frustrated/ annoyed.”

Then say why you feel that way.  “Because I need… quiet when I am settling the baby.”

“Because I value… people being kind to each other.”

And last of all ask for what you want without demanding it. “Would you be willing to…put some headphones on please?”

“I’d really like it if you….share your lego with your sister.”

It doesn’t mean you’ll always get what you want. They might say no, but it’s so much better than never asking for what you need and feeling resentful, or yelling and screaming. Give it a go!

I’ve created a free PDF for you! You can print it off and stick it on your fridge as a super simple reminder.

NV communication

See you soon!



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