How to deal with your screaming clingy child at kindy drop off

xavier-mouton-photographie-744427-unsplashI arrive with a crying 4 year old attached to my leg — stressed, exhausted and feeling like I’m the worst parent in the world. Everyone else’s children are already at kindy. Not crying. Not clinging to a leg. Read more…

Being a “High Value” parent 

simon-rae-665579-unsplashAs a newly solo parent, I’ve been thinking a fair bit about co-parenting and how to make the most of shared care. I came across a podcast about being a “High Value” person and, as it does, my brain started turning over how this idea can be applied to parenting. I think co-parenting is one of those tricky things that you never really plan on doing. I certainly didn’t. But now that we’re here I want to get it right for my kids. Read more…

Catching tiny moments — How busy parents can build fantastic relationships with our children


I am a solo parent, a homeschooler and a freelance writer. Even though I’m with my kids a lot, some days it feels like I’m just rushing around doing tasks and not really “with” my kids at all.

There’s housework to be done, I’ve got clients to deal with, and when you’re homeschooling there’s that teacher/student dynamic that can often be more about getting your child to produce or do something (“Have you done all of those math questions yet?” “Make sure you check your spelling!”) rather than about building relationship with them. Read more…

Tuning in: How tuning in to your kids emotions will help them control their feelings

jordan-whitt-145327-unsplashSo, I was just at the supermarket and, before I even stepped out of my car, I witnessed a common supermarket interaction between a mum and her child. This beautiful young mummy — obviously in a bit of a hurry as we often are — was struggling to convince her little girl to move.

Some days kids love supermarkets, all the bright colours, the music, maybe getting to pick a treat….and then some days I swear they think they’re allergic to it.

Read full post


Catching the Chapter book bug



Hook your kids into reading and help them take that important step from picture to chapter books. Read the whole post here



Non-Violent communication for mums


So today we’re going to be talking about communication. Such a big topic! And so important to work on because it affects everything — how your kids behave, your relationship with your partner, your friendships, and, very importantly, whether or not you get your needs met as a busy mum! Read full post

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