I’m so excited to have you here with me! It’s great to know another smart, motivated parent is keen to learn together about ways we can strengthen our parenting skills and help our kids grow into wonderful adults.

With a background in teaching, specialising in childhood disorders, behaviour and intervention, I am always searching the science and academic worlds for research-based, practical information to empower and support parents and children. I draw a lot of my information from the relatively new field of positive psychology and from neuroscience.

My aim is that you will find this blog a place where you can access positive tools to add to your parenting toolbelt, learn about yourself and your kids, and grab some easy tips on how to negotiate this whole tricky parenting thing!

I started my writing journey over ten years ago and have been a regular contributor to a number of parenting magazines. As a single homeschooling mum, living on the beautiful West Coast of New Zealand I have a particular passion to help single parents and have a number of resources coming out to help you if you are parenting through divorce or separation.

I love helping people feel empowered with skills and knowledge to parent more purposefully, so whether you are solo parenting, a dad, mum, foster parent or grandparent, I’m sure you’ll find something valuable here.

It’s always nice to hear from other parents. Join up to my email list so you don’t miss out on any new information or special offers and flick me a message to introduce yourself and your family. You can also follow me at Medium here and join me on Pinterest.

So nice to have you here!

Kelly Eden

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