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Help your teen recover from a broken heart

Dealing with dating can be tough. Photo by Matt Nelson on Unsplash When our teens get into dating it can be pretty scary for us as parents. Suddenly our babies are in the adult world of love! Negotiating all those emotional, physical (Ahh!) and social aspects that come with relationships. But, considering most teenagers don't end up marrying… Continue reading Help your teen recover from a broken heart

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Being a “High Value” parent

As a newly solo parent, I've been thinking a fair bit about co-parenting and how to make the most of shared care. I came across a podcast about being a "High Value" person and, as it does, my brain started turning over how this idea can be applied to parenting. I think co-parenting is one… Continue reading Being a “High Value” parent


Getting kids into chapter books

My daughter is a super keen book worm! She's almost a teenager now and has a book review blog for kids. She will be reviewing some beginner chapter books soon so, to give you a hand getting your littles inspired, I've dragged up my Chapter book Tots to Teens article for you! It will give… Continue reading Getting kids into chapter books